Living with, understanding and overcoming depression and anxiety

mindgum - anxiety and depressionmindgum is a blog where I share what I learn and experience while overcoming and/or living with anxiety and depression.

The goal is to acknowledge, recognize and understand these mental health issues so we can support each other as we grow into a better life.


We don’t want to “get by” anymore.

We don’t want to “cope” and “just get through the day”.

We want to thrive.

We want to live a fulfilling, energetic and vibrant life.

We deserve that kind of life.

Everybody does.

Yes, that includes you…


Anxiety & depression (and many other mental health issues) want to convince us we’re not worthy

It tries to convince us that we are worthless, incompetent, stupid, ugly and that no-one wants to hear what you have to say.

You know how that feels…

That feeling of self-hatred…



You try to understand what is going on with you…

But the mind and body are very complex things.

It’s not easy to understand and “fix” yourself.

If you’ve done therapy or at least tried analysing yourself, you know how complicated this is.

During bad times and when I try to figure out what’s going on… I feel like my brain is filled with dark clouds and gum that stretches and sticks to the sides of my brain.

Stuff that’s weighing heavy and I can’t quite figure out what it is.

That’s why I named this “mindgum”.

It’s that “gum” in your mind that hard to explain (even to ourselves!)

It’s thoughts and beliefs that you’re probably ashamed of.

And there is a lot of ignorance and misconception about this with people who don’t experience these issues like we do.

So on this blog we talk about all that complex, heavy and dark “gum” that sticks around in our minds.

On mindgum, we share what it is really like, how anxiety and depression really feels and what we learn about it along the way.

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